2017 - For the exhibitions in 2017 the graphic artworks are printed as a unique print or printed in a limited edition of three, signed and numbered with Roman numerals. Each graphic art-work is the result of a personal creative process, whose end result is a (unique) fine Art print, signed by the artist. It is the choice of the artist that the original for the image is not available for trade, nor for the exhibitions, but only a basic is for printing the graphic work that as a unique result can be traded.
* 11 & 12 November - NATIONALE KUNSTDAGEN 2017 - Beursfabriek Nieuwegein - selected
* From 30 September to 8 October - Galerie De Fontein -  Lebbeke (BE) - Exhibition graphics and sculptures, together with artist Carla Heuvinck.
* From 17 June to 26 June - Kunstschouw 2017 - selected
* From 5 May to 24 June - Duo exhibition in GalerieGerritse - Middelburg
* From 14 April to 17 April - Open Atelier Veere - selected